Redwood Group of Companies is firmly committed to the health and safety of our most valued resource, our employees.

In keeping with this commitment, we are dedicated to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace that protects workers, the public, properties, and our environment from accidental harm.  In fulfilling this commitment Redwood Group of Companies endeavors to ensure that relevant health & safety policies, safe work practices and procedures are developed, communicated and followed.  In addition, we recognize that occupational health and safety regulations, standards, and codes of practice are a minimum requirement and will strive to exceed those requirements to build and maintain a strong proactive, interdependent safety culture. With clear and open communications and a team approach, that includes workers, management, subcontractors and clients, we are confident that our goal of an accident/injury free workplace will be achieved.

Health and safety is a vital part of this company’s everyday business and activities.  The continued success of Redwood Group of Companies is dependent on how we both, collectively and individually, practice our commitment to health and safety.

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